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 Livros: Natureza e imunidade

Why Dirt is Good: 5 Ways to Make Germs Your Friends
"Why Dirt is Good: 5 Ways to Make Germs Your Friends" 
Author: Dr. Mary Ruebush
This book shows you why our obsession with cleanliness may be making us more vulnerable to disease and creating a new generation of superbugs! In these pages, you'll discover: why everyone needs a little dirt in their lives; the downside of antibacterial cleansers and hand sanitizers; the 5 Rules to boost your immune system - and make your kids stronger and healthier. 
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From the Ground Up
"From the Ground Up"
Author: Dr. Laura Koniver
Also known as "earthing," connecting with the earth (ground) is one of the best things you can do to support your natural health and healing. This picture book illustrates for children, in full color, how Mother Earth is our ally in health and how we can use her powers to heal. 
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