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 Livros: Vitalidade da Água

Water: The Element of Life
"Water: The Element of Life"
Authors: Theodor Schwenk; Wolfram Schwenk
Water's flow constantly links life and death. It is the mediator between the two, and its surface provides a common frontier in nature where they meet. Earth is a living organism and that water is its sense organ, which perceives vital cosmic influences and transmitting them to earthly life.
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"Water: A Spiritual History"
Author: Ian Bradley
From sacred springs to holy wells, an exploration on how water's creative, health-giving and restorative powers have been taken in an essentially spiritual way.
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 "Water, Dehydration and Computer Use"
 Author: Adetutu Ijose
 About the importance of hydratation to compensate the impact in the body after the use of technological devices.
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 "The Water Prescription"
 Author: Christopher Vasey
 Water for health, vitality and rejuvenation

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